Looking back: the first international Elbe Swimming Day

In 2002, the first Elbe Swimming Day was organised by the initiative "Living Elbe". Over 90.000 people went for a swim or took part in the various festivities and activities celebrating the Elbe Swimming Day. There had been numerous reports in the press, radio and TV of the Elbe Swimming Day. They all described the Elbe valley as a charming landscape between the Czech Republic and the North Sea.


The Elbe Swimming Day 2002 was an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness of the Elbe river. As a result proposals for new public swimming baths or beaches along the Elbe shoreline are being discussed. Through the strong involvement during the Elbe Swimming Day 2002 the people expressed their satisfaction and joy at the natural river conditions of the Elbe.


With the organisation of the Swimming Day 2005 we want to give an impetus to further initiatives of water protection and conservation along the Elbe and its tributaries, and support the people involved.


More impressions of the Elbe Swimming Day 2002.