Come & join us again!!

On Sunday, 17 July, 2005, during the holiday season, the international Elbe Swimming Day will once again take place. Numerous communities, associations and initiatives will be involved in the organisation of this event. Between North Sea and the Czech Republic many people swim in the Elbe River and enjoy a wide variety of events and festivities along the river.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe invites cities and communities, environmental und conservation organisations as well as sports clubs, music groups and tourism businesses to become co-organisers of the Elbe Swimming Day 2005. Schools and youth groups are invited to take part, too. We have already contacted the experts of Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft (DLRG, German Water Rescue Organisation) which will secure the safety of all bathers.

The people celebrating the Swimming Day along the Elbe and its tributaries will be in good company. Simultaneously on 20 rivers in Europe swimming days and spectacles will be organised: on the Rhine, Ebro, Rhone even in the Ukraine people will participate in the Europe-wide swimming day "BIG JUMP" (

Useful information and a check list for a successful organisation of local swimming days are available only in German language.